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Amati Global Investors is a specialist fund management business based in Edinburgh.

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About Us

Amati Global Investors is a specialist fund management business based in Edinburgh. It focuses on UK small and mid-sized companies, with a universe ranging from fully listed constituents of the FTSE Mid 250 and FTSE Small Cap indices, to stocks quoted on the Alternative Investment Market ("AIM"). Products include an OEIC - the TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund; an AIM Venture Capital Trust - Amati AIM VCT; and an AIM IHT portfolio service.

Why Amati?

Andrea Amati made the earliest known violin, and his grandson Nicolo Amati was the first great violin maker.

Nicolo is reported to be the teacher of Antonio Stradivari, the most famous maker in the history of the instrument. In choosing this name for the business we are setting our sights high to bring world-class craftsmanship, with the thoughtfulness, skill, care and attention to detail that this brings with it, to the ever shifting and hugely demanding job of constructing robust, responsive, and brilliantly performing portfolios of investments.

  • Just as every great instrument is made for the player, we seek to run funds that work for and fit our investors.
  • We manage funds to take calculated risks and we will always be straight about what these risks are.
  • Our ambition is not to be top of the performance tables over short term periods, because this is a recipe for poor risk management.

A portfolio which is resonant like a great instrument will seek to fit the movement of the times, will be made up of the best available materials, and will be built to last.

Our Features

Legit invest company

AmatiGlobal.london is operated by: HOUR PROPERTY LTD (Companies Number: 12476744).

Powerful DDOS Protection

Our company website is completely free from Internet attacks to ensure the maximum time for normal operation.

up to 10% Commission

Invite your friends and earn up to 10% of their investments! Earn together with AmatiGlobal.london!

Instant Transactions

Our automated processor completely instantly, without any restrictions, handles as adding of deposits as withdrawal of funds directly into your wallet!

Why Global?

Although we focus on companies quoted in London, or based in the UK, as investors we have a global outlook.

Conventional wisdom suggests that UK smaller company investments are predominantly dependent on the UK economy, but amongst the 1,500 or so smaller companies listed in London are those which have operations in almost every part of the world.

We see the international outlook typical of many UK businesses as being a core strength, and seek to make a virtue of this as investors. Hence we approach investment decisions with a global mindset.

Fund Managers

Dr Paul Jourdan - CEO

Dr Paul Jourdan co-founded Amati Global Investors following the management buyout of Noble Fund Managers from Noble Group in January 2010, having joined Noble in 2007 as Head of Equities. His fund management career began in 1998 with Stewart Ivory, where he gained experience in UK, emerging market, and global equities. In 2000, Stewart Ivory was taken over by First State and Paul became manager of what is now TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund.

In 2004, he was appointed Head of UK Equities at First State. In early 2005, he launched Amati VCT plc and he also manages Amati VCT 2 after the investment management contract moved to Amati Global Investors in 2010 (In 2018 Amati VCT merged into Amati VCT 2 which was then renamed Amati AIM VCT).

David Stevenson - Director

David Stevenson joined Amati in 2012. In 2005 he was a co-founding partner of investment boutique Cartesian Capital, which managed a range of retail and institutional UK equity funds in long only and long/short strategies.

Prior to that he was Assistant Director at SVM, where he also managed equity products including the UK Opportunities small/midcap fund which was ranked top decile for the 5 year period from inception to 2005.

David started his career at KPMG where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He latterly specialised in corporate finance, before moving into private equity with Dunedin Fund Managers. David has co-managed the TB Amati UK Smaller Companies Fund, Amati AIM VCT since 2012 and the Amati AIM IHT Portfolio Service since 2014.

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More Features

We're experienced

professionals who will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.

We are flexible

Because we are a small firm, we're also responsive, flexible, agile, and client-oriented.

We are effective

We are reliable and we will make sure you're set up for success before our work is done.

We are cost-effective

We adapt as your needs change, with the cost-effectiveness that larger firms just can't match.

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